Evolve: Stage 2 Beta is now FREE on Steam! This is more than just an update; we overhauled almost every system and achieved our goal of converting Evolve into a free game. We've added and updated numerous features, fixed tons of bugs, improved stability and performance across the board, and completely redesigned many aspects of the game. This update page highlights some of the latest and greatest features built into Evolve: Stage 2.

What's New

New Economy

Making Evolve into a free title, our first goal was to revisit how players earn and unlock content. We have rebuilt the in-game store which now allows players to unlock content with Silver Keys. You can earn Silver Keys by simply playing Evolve! Completing matches, challenges, progression rewards, and through the monthly punch card are all great ways to earn Silver Keys. Save up for your favorite characters, perks that fit your playstyle, the best looking skins--you name it. The more you play, the more Silver Keys you earn. One thing to keep in mind, all content in Evolve: Stage 2 can be earned for free!

What can I buy with Silver Keys?

silver keys
Silver Keys

Evolve's new earned currency. Play Evolve, complete challenges, participate in events, get Silver Keys. Use your silver keys to unlock what you want, everything is completely free.

character variants

Unlock Monsters, Hunters, and Adaptations with the Silver Keys you earn. Try them before you unlock them with character rotations!


Pick perks that fit your playstyle or compliment your Hunters. Like to run fast and dish out more damage? Make it happen!

monster skins
Monster Skins

Grab sick skins from the store and make your Monster look the way you want! Show off your skins to the Hunters or choose something to blend into the environment.

hunter skins
Hunter Skins

Dress up your Hunters to make your characters more unique. Grab the skins that compliment your Hunter's customized style.

weapon skins
Weapon Skins

Unlock and equip weapon skins that look epic with your Hunter skin.

Character Rotations rotation icon

Week 1 Hunters

week 1 hunter rotation

Week 1 Monster

week 1 monster rotation

Every week a new set of four Hunters and one Monster will be available to all players for free. Try them out and see who your favorites are. You can use your Silver Keys to purchase any you end up liking! Keep an eye on social media to see when your favorite character is in rotation.

New User Interface

Welcome to the new Evolve UI. We have redone the UI from the ground up to get you into games faster while making the menus more intuitive and user friendly.

Character Selection

We have moved the matchmaking and character selection to before you get in-game. This streamlined performance and minimizes load times. We also removed the carousal and added a new grid to show all characters, those owned and those available to own.

Character Profiles

The new Characters page in your Profile shows off all of the characters Evolve has to offer. You can click into each character and see your personal rewards and stats for that individual character.

New Progression System

Account and Character Progression

We created a brand new progression system with a rebuilt account level system and a brand new character-specific progression system. As you move through the account levels to 30, you'll get Silver Keys and badges. Once you find your favorite characters in Evolve, you can work up their character progression levels to unlock perks, elite skins, and Silver Key bonuses!

Monthly Punch Card

As a thank you for players coming back and playing Evolve: Stage 2 regularly, every day you login to the game you'll unlock a new reward! These can include: Silver Keys, Skins, Perks, Badges, and even Characters! No reward is tied to a specific day of the week, it goes strictly off the number of days you sign in over a reward month.

Daily Challenges

Everyone now has their own daily challenges! Don't like the challenge you got for the day? Easily swap out the challenge for another one! Challenges give you rewards like Silver Keys for you to spend in the store for more characters, skins, badges, and more!


Already have Evolve?

Then you're a Founder! Simply put, Founders get everything they had before and more! You will continue to play as all the characters you had including their Adaptations as soon as they're ready. You also get Dragonscale skins, Predator skins, Infinity skins, Union Jack skins, Goliath Frostbite skin, Goliath Clownfish skin, Voodoo skins, and the shiny TRS Gold Monster skins.






Silver Keys

Founders Get Characters

maggie and daisy
elder kraken
meteor goliath
rogue val
blitz markov
wasteland maggie
tech sgt hank
e griffin
q caira
r abe
p parnell

Founders Get Hunter and Monster Skins

dragonscale assault skin bundle
infinity assault skin bundle
predator assault skin bundle
infinity medic skin bundle
predator medic skin bundle
infinity support skin bundle
predator support skin bundle
infinity trapper skin bundle
predator trapper skin bundle
goliath clownfish monster skin
goliath frostbite monster skin
kraken gold monster skin
wraith gold monster skin
behemoth gold monster skin
gorgon gold monster skin
goliath voodoo monster skin
kraken voodoo monster skin
wraith voodoo monster skin

Founders Get Badges


Founders get exclusive animated foregrounds to equip as their badge. Choose between the Hunters dropping from the Laurie Anne or Goliath using Fire Breath.

evolve v badge background
monster footprint badge background

Founders also get two exclusive backgrounds to put behind your favorite badge. Choose between the Evolve Versus symbol or the iconic Monster footprint.

Founders Get Perks

Monster Perks
savage nature
feral instincts
ferocious bloodlust
mutated haste
evolved haste
deadly brawler
mutated recovery
evolved recovery
fast climber
speed climber
Hunter Perks
rocket man
rocket lord
rocket king
bounty hunter
enhanced defense
unbreakable defense
enhanced celerity
nanotech celerity
Total Value 307,650+



We loved being able to customize our character by selecting a perk. We loved it so much we added even more flexibility to making your experience unique. You now have 3 tiers of perks to choose from; minor, major, and superior. Experiment with different perks at different tiers and find what fits you best!


To keep the game moving quickly, we've sped things up in Hunt through improvements to the dropship.

+0:00 Dropship Timer

  • +10 Hunter Downed
  • +25 Monster Evolved
  • +10 Hunter Downed
  • +10 Hunter Downed
  • +25 Monster Evolved
  • +10 Hunter Downed

At the start of the game, the dropship respawn timer starts at 0 seconds. Every time a Hunter goes down during the game, the respawn timer increases by 10 seconds. Every time the Monster evolves, the timer increases by 25 seconds, to a maximum of 2 minutes. When a Hunter dies and starts the dropship respawn timer, they will continue to spectate their fellow Hunters. Once the timer hits 0, the dropship will fly in and immediately force the Hunters to jump out of the ship. No more waiting for the ship to fly in.

Shared Mobile Arena

Any hunter can trap the Monster

More fights and less running. We gave all Hunters a Dome to ensure more fights happen every game, keep the game moving, and make each Hunt game more enjoyable. Throwing the Dome is now the team's responsibility instead of just the Trapper's. Missing Domes is no longer a possibility. When you have seen and are in range of the monster, you'll see a prompt to throw the Dome which centers around the Monster's position.

5 Minute Dome Timer

The Dome Timer has been changed from a steady 1 minute to a variable length with a maximum of 5 minutes. The only way to bring the Dome down is to let the timer reach zero. We have introduced two ways to decrease the Dome timer. The Hunter team can decrease the Dome duration by dishing out damage to the Monster and the Monster can decrease the timer by downing Hunters.

shared dome

New Class Abilities

defense matrix assault class ability

Assault's Defense Matrix

The Defense Matrix gives the Monster more of a reason to down the Assault. Previously, the Assault could get down to low health, activate Shield, and still dish out damage until their Shield depleted and their Medic could heal them back up to full health. The Defense Matrix forces the Assault to be more cautious when focusing the Monster and give the Monsters some breathing room. The Defense Matrix reduces incoming damage by 75%. Make sure to use the Defense Matrix before your health gets too low!

shield burst support class ability

Support's Shield Burst

The Team Cloak was replaced since it either worked out really well for one team or didn't work at all. We replaced the Team Cloak with a Shield Burst to make the Support's class ability more reliable and consistent. When you activate the new Shield Burst, all Hunters within a 30 meter radius will be shielded for a short period of time. Use your Shield Burst often so you can use multiple Shield Bursts before you or a teammate gets incapacitated!

plannet scanner trapper class ability

Trapper's Planet Scanner

When activated, a satellite scans the planet for the Monster and points the team in the general direction of the Monster. Trapper also gets a speed boost for a short period of time upon use and can see the Monster for a short period of time. Make sure to use the Planet Scanner when you first land out of the dropship. Also useful for dodging big scary monsters!

Other Ability Changes

mechanized recharge

Mechanized Recharge

Bucket's UAV has been replaced with a new ability called Mechanized Recharge. Upon activating, any Hunter within a 30 meter radius of Bucket will have their class ability recharged at a rapid pace.

wraith decoy

Wraith Decoy

Community feedback led us to refactor the Decoy ability for Wraith. Decoy now will no longer grant invisibility for Wraith. Now once activated, the newly rebuilt Decoy AI will select the closest target and go into attack mode. The Decoy has a health value and timer that begins after casting the ability. If either of these reach zero, the Decoy will disappear. Be on the lookout for Wraith's new ability!

Daisy Improvements

Daisy's AI has had an overhaul. Our lovable trapjaw always tracks the Monster directly and chooses the quickest path to the Monster's current location and no longer follows tracks. When she gets close to the Monster, she'll start sniffing for it signaling that you're close. She'll also start growling and barking.

Daisy also gives Hunters a 15% movement speed boost when you're within 15 meters of her while hunting the Monster. This buff does not apply to Daisy while she's dead. Wasteland Daisy does not have this buff.

Gotta go fast!


Monster Ability Points Shifted

Stage 1 Monsters now start with a total of 4 ability points. We shifted the last ability point at Stage 3 to Stage 1 to make Monsters stronger at the beginning of the game.

Built For You

We have had our ears open since before Evolve has launched, listened to your feedback, and kicked butt to improve the game we all love and enjoy. We would love to continue to hear your feedback moving forward so we can work towards making Evolve the best game it can possibly be. Post on the Turtle Rock Forums, talk about it on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, ... We want to hear from you! We value what our community has to say and we will do what we can to make your ideas and feedback a reality!

Download Size

With your feedback we shrunk Evolve: Stage 2's download size by over half to allow more players to download the game!


We have made performance improvements across the board. You should notice your game running better overall, especially on our improved maps.


We reduced the time it takes to load up Evolve and shortened the time it takes to find a match. If you have any other ideas to improve this further make sure to let us know!

More Updates

We've listened to your feedback to have more frequent updates. Expect to see more updates more often!

More Content

Our promise is to continue delivering great content and features to Evolve: Stage 2 in the months to come. We look forward to growing Stage 2 alongside our great community.


Our continued focus will be keeping Evolve: Stage 2 as stable as possible.

Damage Numbers

wraith taking damage





Map Improvements

We have completely rebuilt and designed four Evolve maps specifically for faster paced gameplay. Each map has its own unique areas now, often matched with a color. Wraith Trap for example now has iconic green, red, and yellow structures for Hunters to easily distinguish where they are or the Monster is headed. Lastly, expect to see less visual clutter, more fight-friendly geometry, and visual improvements overall.


distillery before distillery after

Orbital Drill

orbital drill before orbital drill after

Weather Control

weather control before weather control after

Wraith Trap

wraith trap before wraith trap after

Visual Effects Clarity

Hunter and Monster visual effects have been improved. We want to ensure that your gameplay experience is the best and nothing is visually interfering with it. We also want things going on in game to be communicated clearly and effectively with only the essentials and improved performance.

Heal Burst

medic heal burst before medic heal burst after

Lennox Thunder Strike

lennox thunder strike before lennox thunder strike after

Kraken Lightning Strike

kraken lightning strike before kraken lightning strike after

Wraith Warp Blast

wraith warp blast before wraith warp blast after

Bug Fixes

We have fixed A LOT of bugs (and we're not done yet). Below is a list of the bugs we've addressed so far. We plan to continue squashing more bugs as we move forward to make Evolve an enjoyable experience for all players.



  • Fixed a crash when playing with Very High graphic settings with Nvidia graphics cards.
  • Fixed various crashes caused by: Goliath, Wraith, and Behemoth.
  • Fixed various crashes when joining late as a Hunter.
  • Fixed a crash when joining on Hank while the AI was using the Shield Projector.
  • Fixed an issue where in Quick Play/Hunt Monster would not rotate to all players.
  • Fixed a network issue where players would connect to random lobbies when transitioning from custom matches.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after the party leader leaves a custom match during gameplay.
  • Fixed a network crash that would cause the Monster player to crash out during a multiplayer Hunt match.
  • Fixed a crash after clicking "Continue" in the post round results after an Arena match.
  • Fixed an issue where restarting a game before the Hunters landed from the dropship would cause all Hunters to float in the sky.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters would not get knocked back while ledge grabbing during gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where the below 25% health sound effect would not play for Hunters in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator camera would create collision that would block abilities from Monsters and Hunters.
  • Fixed an issue where certain in-game sound effects were not properly playing for the Observer client.
  • Fixed an issue where players set to no preference could sometimes get Monster over a player who had their priority set to Monster.


  • Fixed instances where the Dropship would not drop Hunters in the closest respawn zone to their teammates.
  • Fixed an issue when Sunny activates hot swap while using her jetpack booster, the screen would break into 4 bright white quadrants.
  • Fixed an issue where Sunny could deploy Shield Drones through collision.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Gun would not work properly at close range.
  • Fixed an issue where Crow could not zoom in with the Kinetic Rifle while holding a charged shot.
  • Fixed an issue where the capacity perk would not increase the reload time of charge based weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where some Hunter gear would reload twice after running out of energy/ammo.
  • Fixed an issue with Griffin's Harpoon Gun having a 2nd harpoon effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Cabot's Damage Amp would linger on the Monster for 0.5 seconds longer than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where if a Hunter was healed while trying to spawn in the dropship they would not die and spawn in the dropship.
  • Fixed an issue where if a Hunter was shielded while trying to spawn in the dropship they would not die and spawn in the dropship.
  • Fixed an issue where Parnell's Super Soldier would not activate if being healed by a Slim Healing Drone.
  • Fixed an issue where taking over a Hunter bot as a player could sometimes push the Hunter through the world.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters movement speed was slowed while walking up an incline.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lazarus Device would not revive Hunters if used when the Hunter entered the death state.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter UI icons would disappear during combat.
  • Fixed an issue where Lennox would cause Tech Sgt. Hank's shield to decay.
  • Fixed an issue where background reloading would take twice as long if a Hunter switched weapons before fully running out of ammo.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters could not use their class ability while pounced.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter jetpacks would not use all 4 bars of energy while jetpack boosting.
  • Fixed an issue where Parnell would have a double reload after using Super Soldier.
  • Fixed various issues with the Hunter hot-swapping system.
  • Fixed an issue where beam based weapons would deal incorrect damage depending on the player's FPS. (Markov Lightning Gun for example).
  • Fixed numerous instances where Hunters would fall off the wall while slow climbing.

All Monsters

  • Fixed how Harpoons interact with Monsters to create a more consistent and responsive system for both Hunters and Monsters.
  • Updated all Monster contextual combat hitboxes to prevent missed attacks.
  • Removed incap grapple from all Monster attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where sneak pouncing a Hunter into certain geometry would cause them to fall through the world.
  • Fixed an issue where Monsters could not climb when close to the edge of the dome wall.
  • Fixed instances where a Monster player could not choose their abilities when going into Arena.
  • Fixed an issue where staging up would not allow the Monster to spend their 3 points in abilities, freezing them in place.
  • All Monsters should no longer be affected by destructible objects.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters would teleport behind Monsters while sneak pounced.
  • Fixed an issue where the Monster ability select screen would disappear after evolving.
  • Fixed an issue where Monsters after evolving would have 4 undefined abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not back out of being Monster after they selected it during custom lobbies.
  • Fixed an issue where Spotters would sometimes not play the alert sound when a Monster is in close proximity.


  • Fixed an issue when activating Charge after using a traversal would freeze Goliath in place.
  • Fixed an issue where Leap Smash and Traversal would get caught on destructible objects.
  • Fixed Rock Throw's animation not fully playing from the previous fast rock fix.
  • Fixed an issue where Leap Smashing a wall would sometimes lock Goliath's orientation into one direction.
  • Fixed an issue where Rock Throw would get caught on collision while in the throw animation.
  • Fixed an issue where Goliath would have a drastically shorter leap smash when activating the ability near certain ledges.
  • Fixed issues with Goliath/Meteor Leap Smash not playing the proper impact sounds.


  • Fixed an issue when activating Abduction during a FPS drop, Wraith will freeze in place.
  • Fixed an issue where Wraith's melee attacks would break harpoons unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue when using Warp Blast where the explosion was not centered on the Wraith.
  • Fixed an issue where Abduction would not grab any Hunters if Wraith passed through a destructible object before reaching the Hunter.
  • Fixed an issue where Warp Blast would not pass through destructible objects.
  • Fixed an issue where certain interactions with Harpoons and Abduction where it would cause the Hunter camera to shake rapidly if a Hunter was grabbed by Abduction.
  • Fixed an issue when Wraith would use abduction at a short range and cause the Wraith to lock up in the abduction state.


  • Fixed an issue when using traversal and melee attack at the same time Kraken will not activate a traversal, but would still lose a traversal.
  • Fixed an issue where Aftershock was not properly tracking damage dealt in the post round screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Banshee mines would get stuck inside Hunters if casted within a certain distance. (basically the invulnerable time of a Banshee mine allowed it to get stuck inside Hunters before becoming “active”).
  • Fixed an issue where Hunters could dodge through Banshee mines while they were active.
  • Fixed issues with Kraken's traversal not properly registering when a player activated the Traversal button.
  • Fixed instances where Jack's Repulsor would not block a Kraken Traversal.
  • Fixed an issue when staging up as Kraken, the roar animation would show through walls.
  • Fixed an issue where Kraken could “super jump” while spamming melee attacks and traversals.
  • Fixed an issue where Lightning Strike would knockback Hunters but deal no damage.

Elder Kraken

  • Fixed an issue where the camera orientation while casting Chain Lightning would cause it to miss at certain angles.
  • Fixed an issue where Elder Kraken Lightning Strike was not doing damage when Hunters were pressed up against certain destructible objects.
  • Fixed an issue where Death Spiral would spawn a few meters behind Elder Kraken.


  • Fixed an issue where the Roll Traversal could deal multiple instances of damage to Hunters.
  • Fixed an issue where Tongue Grab would grab corpses instead of Hunters it was targeting.
  • Fixed an issue where Fissure would fire off before the animation fully played.
  • Fixed an issue where AI Behemoth would cast rock wall below itself.
  • Fixed an issue where Behemoth did not have the correct 9 second evolve timer.


  • Fixed instances where Spider traps would not move after capturing a Hunter.
  • Fixed an issue where Gorgon's Wall Pounce would deal more damage than intended.
  • Fixed instances where Jack's Repulsor would not block a Gorgon Traversal.
  • Fixed an issue where Gorgon would get stuck on a Hunter after using wall pounce.
  • Fixed an issue where Gorgon would use multiple traversals during a melee attack causing wasted stamina.
  • Fixed an issue where Gorgon Spider Traps would move faster than intended when trapping Hunters in Caira's Acceleration Field.
  • Fixed an issue where the Damage Amp would not be removed from Gorgon after using Mimic.
  • Fixed instances where Gorgon Spider Traps would keep players grappled after the trap was destroyed.
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